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Mirth and Woe:

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

5:15AM - Sad Sleep + Happy Thesis + Happy Cock + Shameless Sun Plug

I have a very weird sleeping pattern.

Just a few weeks back, I sleep like most people do -- sleep around 11, wake up around 7. Of course, there's the episodic segmented sleep, wherein i wake up around 3 or 4am to make weewee or whatever then go back to sleep, but that only usually happens when I'm anxious about something... You know... Thoughts like "How much will the Peso fare up to the Dollar by the end of the year?," "Who are my real friends?," "If an androgynous-looking person like me attracts a man, would that automatically mean that he is a bisexual?," and other bizarre stuff.

But now, i sleep at 9pm, wake up at 2am... And never fall asleep again. At least not until 10am, and from then on I sleep until 2 or 3pm. I have no stable job, no classes. All's I got is a lot of time for sleeping. That and just recently, a new thought to ponder on, thanks to a conversation I had with my sister Bodge in Church (Yes, we make chismis while hearing mass. We are so bad...) last Sunday: "What is my Telos in life?" So every minute of my life now, I'm like "What's my Telos, what's my Telos..." I'm thinking so deep and hard now. I won't be surprised if I end up being a new generation Mother Teresa someday.

Now, I'm not trying to make any Philosophical connections here. I just want to rant about my weird sleeping habits. I mean despite all the sleep I'm getting, I'm still feeling groggy and crap. Must be the Lithium kicking in. Anyways, I beg for your fogiveness.

On the lighter side of my life, I am very happy to announce that after going on leave for 2 terms, I've enrolled once again to finish my friggin' thesis. I'm with a new group now, with Nisha Alicer and Chuchu Crisologo. We've already had 2 thesis meetings as of press time and I'm really glad to be working with such aggressive and creative little people!!! And cute too, not to forget. I've been watching a lot of films lately ranging from The 400 Blows to Dial M for Murder to Shrek, tipong nagkaka-stiff neck na'ko. But it's all for ur thesis' sake. I personally want it to be of "festival-level" (for lack of a better term). It's a bit depressing that I won't be using my original concept anymore, but it's okay 'coz Nish cooked up this kick-ass story about -- oops. No spoilers, hihi. Anyway we need all the help we can get so if anyone here could lend (or even better "give") us stuff by Kar Wai and Goddard and other related stuff, please do.

Oooh, and the part I like the most... Groyon is our mentor. *beaming smile* He is so cute. He jokingly accused me of being an "oportunista" ('coz my groupmates are asskickers! Haha.) but what the hell... The mere fact that he now talks to me makes me melt. Regardless of what he tells me. Haha.

2005... Year of the Rooster... I was born 1981... Year of the Rooster... So far, everything's good, going my way. Hope this year will mark my Rebirth. Bwahaha.

Happy new year everyone!

Sun ko 0922-3620290. Text niyo Sun niyo.

Current mood: groggy

Thursday, December 30, 2004

1:30PM - Feeling mellow...

TEN Random Things About Me:

10. I hate surveys.
9. I'm a walking contradiction.
8. I have strong desires of being a Metrosexual-
looking Gay Boy. (Man to man love scenes
arouse me, I don't know why)
7. We have a pet pusakal in the office. Her name
is Mr. Longsleeves (Yes, may identity crisis sha.
And you should see her fur sa arms. Mukha talaga
shang naka-jacket)
6. I don't know how to manipulate my myspace
account (which is why I never got to update it...
Teach me???)
5. I love the echoing sound that comes right after a
toilet bowl has just been flushed. (For referrence,
listen to the intro of Janet Jackson's "Escapade",
it sounds a bit like that.)
4. I'd prefer to watch a dozen episodes of The
Twilight Zone over a single episode of Sex and
the City.
3. In reading Harry Potter, I've never gone past the
line "The Boy Who Lived." Lagi akong
2. Idol ko ang AEGIS. walang kokontra.
1. Ebe Dancel can make me cry.

NINE Places I've Visited:

Puwedeng "I've been to recently"?

9. W Grill + Gbelt + Government, Mkti Av (Outside
only haha) (Dec 29)
8. Office (Dec 28)
7. Eastwood (Dec 27)
6. Dela Strada Church + Starbucks Katip (Dec 26
5. Paner Villanueva's House, BF Prnque, Mimi's
House, Pia's House (Dec 26 Morning)
4. Tagaytay (Dec 25 evening)
3. Pia Puno's House, La Vista (Dec 25 morning)
2. Palms Country Club (Dec 22)
1. Chuchu Crisologo's House, Greenhills (Dec 21)

I challenge you to make a story out of that!!!

EIGHT Things I want to do before I die:

8. Uh... Shoot myself in the head? Haha
7. Shake Angelina Jollie's hand (Idol!)
6. Win a Palanca
5. Take a stroll in Manhattan with someone that I
really really like
4. Mag-cartwheel 100 times sa gitna ng Katipunan
3. Drive or even better BUY a Diablo
2. Learn to drink coffee
1. Have coffee with Chris Doyle

SEVEN Ways to win my heart:

7. Make your hair smell nice. Haha.
6. Let me know that you like me... Through other
5. Take pictures of me sleeping or when I'm
unaware... With my phone
4. Love Tagaytay, Eggstone, The Cardigans,
Darren Aronofksy, Todd Rundgren's "It wouldn't
have made any difference...", 80's dance music,
Edna Mode and all the other stuff I love... Or at
least pretend to.
3. Have me buy stuff for you. Make me do
impossible things for you.
2. Ask me out to 3 a.m. rendezvous's
1. When I lean on you, SIT STILL.

SIX Things I believe in:

6. LOREAL PRODUCTS!!! (Agree? Agree!)
5. Wong Kar Wai + Chris Doyle (What a team!)
4. Sugarfree's Ebe Dancel (Friggin' mind reader)
3. Religiosity over Religion
2. my life's biggest muse *grin*
1. Patience + consistency

FIVE Things I'm afraid of:

5. Leo Maranan's dog, Collier (dapat "Killer"
nalang pinangalan niyo diyan eh!)
4. Driving the Ford ('coz something bad always
happens whenever I bring it)
3. 2005 (magkano na kaya ang Peso to a Dollar
by then?)
2. Rejection
1. Being rejected after the previous rejection

FOUR of my Favorite Items in my bedroom:

4. My Jamby Madrigal Poster
3. DVD's
2. Incenses
1. TV

THREE Things I do everyday:

3. Drive
2. Think
1. Repeat

TWO Things I am trying not to do right now:

2. Get bitter
1. Contradict myself

ONE Person I need to see right now:

1. Wala. Kakakita ko lang sa kanya a few days
back. That's enough to keep me happy for the rest
of 2005. :)

Cheers people! happy new year!

Current mood: mellow, pare

Monday, October 25, 2004

10:28AM - Erratum + MVEG the Dream

Ate Bodge, hindi po Purple Chickens yung pinakikinggan ko. It was Violent Playground's "The Race". Yes, the Chickens song is also nice, but if I listen to it as much as I listen to The Race, eh baka bigla nalang akong maglaslas ng pulso sa sobrang lungkot ng kanta.


It's been a long time since I last posted here, I could tell just by looking at how long my hair has grown. Kelan lang gusto kong magpahaba ng buhok, ngayon medyo nagmumukha na'kong ermitanyo sa buhok ko.


Kathy, alam mo maswerte ka. 10 Million times ko nang napapanuod ang Liwanag sa Dilim video (which, frustratingly, ay mejo malabo ang pagka-transfer so andun man ako ay mukha lang akong isang malaking Gaussian Blur), pero yung The Herb kahit sobrang abang ko na, di ko padin naaabutan. :( Pero nung tinext mo ko nung Saturday, nainspire ako - I want to make a career out of being a Music Video Extra. I wanna make a "Music Video Extras Guild" (MVEG). Parang nung nagwork kami for Muziklaban, tinatag namin ang "P.A. Guild". Kami yun nila Pia Puno (the sister/clone of the famous Nix Puno), Edrix Crisologo (the son of the famous Bing-bong Crisologo), and Almirah Juco (the famous Almirah Juco). Asteeg di ba. Ang benefits, free food and elbow rubbing with the stars. O di ba? Fans na fans.

'Wag moko pagtawanan, seryoso 'to. Kaya Quark and all the other aspiring directors out there, if you need extras, bit players, o kahit pang-stand in kunwari sa pwet ni Aga Muhlach, ganyan, message me. Same with you little people na walang magawa sa buhay. This is the quickest way to showbiz stardom. I am dead serious about making MVEG an empire. Bwahahahaha!

Current mood: chipper

Sunday, September 12, 2004

12:12AM - Am I hot or what???

First things first. Gay, I'm sorry I wasn't able to give the 2nd installment of my Night with the Champions. Nabusy lang ako masyado looking for a job. Anyway, to all my fans who were anticipating it (hehe nagffeeling lang), just read Gay's blog then yung pictures namin, palitan niyo nalang ng puro tanggal ang mukha nila Gay sa frame at ako lang at ang artista ang kita sa picture.

Anyway, ano bang balita... Not much except that I've been busting my ass submitting resumes left and right just to get a decent job. Nothing really exciting except for that one night (last Thursday) when I hung out in Shell Marcos Hi-way.

Friends, be warned. If you're hanging out in Shell Macoy and you see a pack of teenage girls (13, 14 year-olds. I am not kidding) wearing skimpy outfits and moving towards your car, naku, magtaas ka ng bintana dahil sila ay...

mga call girl. (or whatever term is politically-correct) Oh my God.

Imagine my horror when I was there nga waiting for this guy who was gonna buy my lowering springs. I was saving gas so nagwindows down muna ako. Bigla ba naman silang lumapit at nagpakilala sakin. Que horror. They gave me a flyer and invited me to their show. Dancers daw sila. Yeah right. Eh yung sinasayawan nilang place, napuntahan ko na yun dati eh! Kasama ng mga ex-business partners ko and our friend named Diablo. Hayup. We were supposed to eat pata lang there 'coz Diablo told us masarap daw. E ibang pata naman ang nakita ko dun. As in there were girls stripping on this makeshift stage which resembled a wrestling ring to the melancholy tune of, get this, Heaven Knows. Sheesh.

Well I tried my best to be polite to them by treating them like human beings and at the same time making them realize na, hey, chick din ako noh. (And yes, I had bigger boobs than the rest of them did -- with all their boobs combined!)

Ok na sana eh, kaso nilalandi nila ako eh. at pinipilit ako humabol sa show nila.
Jos ko...

I think it's about time I grew my hair long.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

9:39PM - Cool Pirated Stuff + A Sneak Preview on My Night with the Champions

Sorry if di sakto sa date ang entries ko. I think my LJ giddiness is wearing off already. Or I guess it’s just stabilizing. Ewan. Pwe.

Wednesday, was at Riverbanks. Scored a cool DVD9 copy of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rope.” As in muntik na’ko maiyak (as in real tears). I love love love that movie so much kaso lang my only copy of it is on VHS pa (which I copied from a moldy VHS din from the DLSU Com Dept. Grabe, molds molds molds. Gumawa nalang kaya sila ng pabrika ng keso.) Anyway, they also have Jean Renoir’s “Grand Illusion” and lotsa Hitchcock and Charlie Chaplin stuff. Gad, they even have “Citizen Kane!” (kaso out of stock daw pala. Shux.) Astig. The titles reminded me of my Introduction to Film course syllabus. Highly-recommended ‘to at P100. Pero warning, the first time you pop it into your player, medyo magsiskip siya ng konti. ‘Wag kayo mag-panic. After awhile, nagiging okay din siya. At pag sinabi sa inyo ng tindero na mas mahal ‘yan dahil original ‘yan, don’t believe them ‘coz the subtitles are terrible at may lumalabas na “Bo Ying” Chinese-chinese sa root menu. Do not be fooled, my friends. Pero maki-ride na rin kayo.

Thursday, thought I was gonna be depressed the whole day. Was supposed to watch a movie with a very good friend in Alabang kaso lang I only had 200 bucks to spare. So bale roughly 70 bucks for the toll, 100 for the gas… That leaves me with… Nothing! Nothing at all! Tapos, originally I was supposed to take her home. Goodness. Para kasing ang layo ng Marikina sa Bacoor, Cavite di ba! It’s like Mercury and Pluto, hello. Anyway, after all the planning tinamad din kami umalis. Went to Rob and hung out in Mocha Blends with another equally depressed friend. Drank a whole bottle (and when I say “bottle,” I mean yung tig-isang litro yung laki) of water. Made wiwi ten million times. Me nakiupo samin, batchmate namin from Assumption, para maki-yosi. May goiter siya. Di kaya lumaki goiter niya sa usok? Tsk, tsk. She’s working part time sa ABS daw. Ding-ding! Tamang-tama, I’m looking for a job! Sabi niya help daw nila ako ng isa pang classmate namin dati from Assumption. I’ll be submitting my resume on Tuesday so wish me luck! Hehe. After a while, tawag sina Pam. This really made my day. Me free tickets daw sila sa Night of the Champions sa Araneta. Oh wow! Magkukuwento na ba ako about my Night with the Champions? Hehe… Tinatamad pa ata ako eh… Next time nalang. Gay, ikaw muna bida ngayon!

Today… Nothing special happened, except that I was able to buy new jeans for only 495 bucks from a Mossimo depot. Sale na, sale pa! Talk about double redundancies.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

1:41AM - The Urband Legend of the Acropolis Lot with the 10 Million Cars + Of Boobs and Doorknobs

It’s been a hectic weekend for us because of the Monica video shoot and I’m half-glad half-sad it’s over and done with. Half-glad ‘coz finally I’ll be having enough time once again for sleeping and watching all the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy episodes my queer mind can handle; half-sad ‘coz, well, it’s over. No more free chow, no more getting to know new people, no more hanging out in Monica’s posh Renaissance pad. Shniff. Grabe yung shoot, it was like a big Ciudad Fans convention! First time ko makakilala ng mga taong obsessed sa Ciudad na hindi Kathy G ang pangalan! I’m amazed, really. Idol ka Kathy! I wish I could cook up something like that for Narda, too. Kaso ang hirap maging solo groupie eh. Hehe.

Please excuse my giddiness because, yes, ngayon lang ako natuto mag-LJ. Gay and Kathy G have been trying to convince me to get into it since last summer pa pero, well, sorry computer illiterate ako. Thanks to my sudden bout of insomnia last night, I was able to study how it actually works. Finally, after 2 months, natuto din ako mag-update! Snap, snap! Actually, si Camille (my, ahem, new “best friend”) yung dahilan kung bakit ako na-inspire mag-LJ eh. Nakakahiya. Kasi ganito ‘yon. After our shoot in Renaissance, Jeff offered to treat us to dinner in KFC. So from Ortigas, Camille’s driver passed through Acropolis para shortcut going to Libis. Pagpasok sa gate, I learned na Camille lives in Acro pala. E tuwing kasi pumapasok ako ng Acro, I always see this big, big lot na punung-puno ng super gagandang kotse, as in super, parang Gone in 60 Seconds (except that, of course, hindi kriminal yung may-ari ng mga auto). Everytime naghahatid ako sa Acro, kinukuwentuhan ako ng hinahatid ko about the history (which I would later on is actually just an urban legend) of the 10 million cars. And so I go, “Kapit-bahay niyo ba yung may-ari ng maraming kotse dito?” Si Camille, parang wala natatawa lang, pati si Anj, the Indie Indian girl. Not being able to take a hint, tumuloy pa’ko. Kinuwentuhan ko si Camille about the urban legend that people have been telling me about. As in sinabi ko na yung may-ari nun, dating mahirap tapos nag-cocollect lang ng Matchbox cars nung bata siya tapos sinasabi niya sa sarili niya na ‘pag tumanda siya, mag-iipon daw siya ng maraming ganun tapos, poof! After a few years, he’s a millionaire and has like twenty-plus cars! Twenty-plus, mehn! Where the hell did I get that? So after my story-telling, nakita ko si Camille and Anj snickering in the dark realms of Camille’s Starex. Tapos, eto na. Umamin ang Camille na tatay niya daw ang mamang iyon. And no, the Matchbox story was a mere fabrication. Que horror. Gusto kong lumundag palabas sa sasakyan at magpagulong-gulong sa kalsada. Hay naku, Camille! Why didn’t you just cut me off in the middle of my yakking?! Nakakahiya! Pinagbintangan ko pang galing sa mahirap yung tatay niya. Haha. Tapos tinanong ko kung ilan yung kotse nila. She doesn’t know daw! Huwaaaat?! Maiintindihan ko ‘yon kung ang tanong ko sa kanya ay “Ilan ang buhok mo sa ulo?” di ba. Grabe. She refers to the word “Cars” as if it were an abstract noun. But anyway, dun ko siya naging new best friend at dun ako nainspire mag-LJ. Dahil sa experience na ‘yon.

That was last Sunday. After that, shoot ulit, after shoot, billiards in Loft. Inom konti. Had a bottle. Haven’t been drinking for a long time so lahat ng nakikita ko no’n parang naka-Gaussian Blur. When I got home, I hit my boob with the doorknob. Ouch. Sa sobrang sakit, di ako makatulog. Sa sobrang di ako makatulog, napa-LJ ako. Ayuz.

Monday, August 9, 2004

2:45AM - Trial + Error = Poser Bliss

Uunahan ko na kayo: Oo, poser ako. Oo, hindi ako marunong mag-post ng blog. I suck. Welcome to my sucky world, faggot maggots!

Current mood: anxious